Step back in time and feel love bloom.

I ventured into a new career as an author with my first book, only when the loon sings, a historical romance published by the wild rose press in 2012.

At that time, this site, my blog, and learning social media were exciting yet scary. But hey, I became adventurous, and now, I love sharing my books with all of you. That’s exciting. But I wasn’t computer savvy back then and I still continue to hone my computer skills as well as learn more regarding social media. And that continues to be somewhat confusing and scary at times.  

Let me explain why compiling a web site, and using other sites was and still is so foreign to me. For years, other than being a wife and mother of two boys, I devoted most of my time and energy into my nursing career. Oh, I used the computer at work—doing simple nursing notes on my homecare patients. I occasionally emailed and found my way through the internet’s mazes, but novice I was. I went from hand writing stories to putting them on the computer—we’re talking early 2000’s here. I had grandchildren by then. After a LONG time with much struggling I utilized FB, blogs, twitter, loops and links. I’ve learned and grown, yes siree. But good grief I still fumble at times. I get on a site and get confused. Yet I’m trying to learn all I can in this world of clicking that and swiping fingers there, twitter, loops and links—YIKES!---well let’s say I’m still learning and leave it at that. Prior to 2012, I wrote two novels, relying on members of LCRW–my local writing chapter in upstate NY—and RWA—national chapter—to help me along the way.

Brighter Tomorrows
Hallings, Wyoming

​Wednesday June 28, 1882

One Winter Knight
Her mind, again, questioned the logic of wounding the one who still held her heart.

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A Love So Strong
Trouble always erupted when women were around a camp.

Beverly Wells