Beverly Wells


Over many years as a nurse, I had the honor and privilege of caring for thousands of patients.

From working in ICU’s and ER’s to private medical groups, and finally for the NYS Dept. of Health

as a Public Health Nurse with my focus on homecare and various clinics, I enjoyed every minute.

Retiring from full time, I kept my hand in the medical field by privately contracting with the

Dept of Health to do clinics and also continued to serve on the Medical Reserve Corps as part of

Homeland Security.

Ever since childhood, I’ve been enamored with the story of Cinderella. What little girl isn’t?

But once grown, I only read books required in school and college, and then had my nose stuck in

medical books. I didn’t realize I’d stopped reading for pleasure until a back injury put me flat on

back for weeks and bored to death. My friend, Nancy, loaned me a bunch of historical romance novels. WOW!

There were dukes and feisty heroines who finally became duchesses. There were cowboys of the west with charisma no woman could resist. And of course pirates, Highlanders…the list went on and on. I loved each and every romance novel I read. I became a maniac, a slave to a good read. Today, I still love historical romances, but also read contemporary, especially the Navy Seals, Delta force, Rangers, FBI, etc., cops, and who done it, as long as they have a romance and make me laugh at the same time. And yes, I do read main stream and enjoy them as well.

But I digress here and should go back to when I read Nancy’s borrowed novels. As I read, I reverted back to the days of Cinderella. Yet, while reading one that I was truly enjoying, I became stymied at its rushed ending. That’s right. The story, most assuredly, should have gone on for at least 20 pages or more, but the author rushed the ending to a clipped ten pages. I was left disheartened, yearning for just a few more pieces to tie it all together, and FURIOUS.  I felt cheated. That’s when I said I could probably do a better job writing one.

Oh Lord, Lord, Lord. Little did I know. I had no writing, skills, didn’t know how or where to start. I had a LONG, a very long haul in front of me. I wrote to my favorite two authors at the time and asked how to begin my venture. They both said the same thing. Join Romance Writers of America. I did and my plight began. I also became a charter member of LCRW.

Over the next ten years I wrote what I thought were good reads. Boy, oh boy, how wrong can a person be? I made every mistake in the book—that’s the book on how to write a GOOD BOOK. My first novel ended at page 895. That was one big error. The second was not knowing what the heck they meant by POV(Point of View) and not understanding what head hoping was. Oh? I had to stay in one characters POV for a duration, then change to another—-and do it clearly? Well, let’s just say it took me a long, long time as I said before, to get to where I had something worth publishing. But through determination and perseverance, some setbacks that took me away from writing from time to time,  I’m here on my own web page in hopes that you’ll enjoy tagging along with me through my lengthy journey and that you’ll relish my published and upcoming books—and hopefully future books as well. It’s been a struggling haul, full of rejections and discouragement, but it’s been one rewarding and exhilarating ride that’s for sure. I love writing. I need it to breathe.

Between playing in my flower gardens(I relish digging in the earth), cooking for friends, walking my wonderful dog, enjoying the lake (I live on one of the NYS Finger Lakes), its wildlife, and helping at the local Humane Society, I’m writing to my heart’s content. I continue to hone my writing skills thanks to a multitude of writing friends and authors. You never stop learning in this world of writing. I live with my husband Kent, my very own hero, and rescued dog, Jamie, and jump at any chance to see my son, daughter-in-law, and two fantastic and amazing granddaughters as often as I can. And I wonder if there’s anything any better than reading and writing Romance novels.

I'm so very pleased to say I joined PRP, Prairie Rose Publications, in 2014 and I've been ridin' high ever since. My editor, Cheryl Pierson, has been an absolute delight to work with. Not only is she understanding when I don't grasp how to do what on the various sites and/or I simply stagger on the computer, she keeps me on my toes and offers such terrific support that I feel like I can write or do anything. Hey, I'm still fumbling with social media and the computer at times, but I'm gradually making headway. Livia Washburn does my covers and let me tell you, she is an artistic whiz. Just take a gander as some of her work. Fantastic! Both of them are so enthusiastic that it simply rubs off on me so that I’ve had a great big grin on my face ever since meeting them. Livia and Cheryl are also the owners of PRP. I must also mention Kathleen Rice Adams who is a working wonder with Promotion, Publicity and Media Coordination. All three of these ladies continue to write fabulous western love stories and other genres in their spare time. I’ve decided those three never sleep.

All the PRP authors have welcomed me as well as other authors recently joining PRP with open arms. Most of the PRP authors are western gals and I want you to know they have a powerhouse of knowledge (be it western lingo and facts, info regarding writing or social media, etc.) that they willingly and readily offer on their blogs, the PRP blog, or our Yahoo site on a daily basis. These ladies are the best. I believe I've learned more about the TRUE ol' west in the past two years than throughout my entire life. And darn if it isn’t so much fun.

I confess, I have a deep passion and love for anything historical. And the ol' west (not necessarily cowboys and Indians either) simply draws me in. It's like chocolate—that intense craving I get. I can never get enough. I'm the same way with western info and facts. I get my nose into a book or the internet and start researching about days gone by in the west and I might be lost for hours. Okay, so hubby thinks I'm hard at work upstairs in my office while really I've found a new fact or two about the ol' west and I'm reading to my heart's content. Now don't you tell him, because what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Well shucks, he'll most likely read what I've written here and my goose will be cooked anyway. Not really, he's as bad about having his nose in a car magazine or watching car races, so he can't say much. Of course, I can always explain I'm just doing research and bingo, it's fine. Right?

Take a moment and think about what you're passionate about. Is it time wasted? Is it meaningless? Should you being doing something else? Well, I say keep that passion. Go for it, flat out. Whatever it is, hopefully it makes you think, or enlightens you in some way, or maybe brings a smile to your face and fills your heart with joy, or merely gives you something to do. Dreams and desires that matter to each of us gives us enjoyment, incentive, and hopes for brighter tomorrows. What could be any better? And by the way, I am Beverly Lewis—preferring Bev Lewis—but write as Beverly Wells.